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The PANGAEA PROJECT was created to be a forum for avant garde, electronic and experimental artists, musicians, dancers, performance artists, et cetera.

What we are not looking for: Metal, Reggae-Rock, Folk, styles you may hear on commercial radio and music that has established scenes and are accepted by mainstream culture.

What we ARE looking for: Electronica, Noise, Free-Jazz, Neo-Minimalism, Experimental, Improvisation-based, Post-Punk, off-the-beaten-path and boundary-pushing forms of expression.

If you are interested in performing, contact j.thelonious@gmail.com

Monday, January 21, 2013


The Pangaea Project will be hosting the Official Saint Petersburg International Noise Conference Pre Show on Sunday February 3rd, 2013.  This event will also be the Venture Compound's Anti-Super Bowl Party.

For booking contact me at VentureCompoundBooking@gmail.com and make sure to include Pre INC or pre international noise conference in the title of your email.  Also, make sure to include your performance moniker, a contact phone number and where you hail from, as the lineup will be ordered chronologically by distance to here (For instance, I play first and Radio Shock from NYC plays last).

I.N.C. rules.  15 minutes of fame.

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