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The PANGAEA PROJECT was created to be a forum for avant garde, electronic and experimental artists, musicians, dancers, performance artists, et cetera.

What we are not looking for: Metal, Reggae-Rock, Folk, styles you may hear on commercial radio and music that has established scenes and are accepted by mainstream culture.

What we ARE looking for: Electronica, Noise, Free-Jazz, Neo-Minimalism, Experimental, Improvisation-based, Post-Punk, off-the-beaten-path and boundary-pushing forms of expression.

If you are interested in performing, contact j.thelonious@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pre-I.N.C. show Feb.6

THE PANGAEA PROJECT is proudly hosting the Saint Petersburg leg of the International Noise Conference's pre-shows. Check the UPCOMING SHOWS tab for the lineup.
I've got a few spots left for out-of-state acts, so if you wanna play email j.thelonious@gmail.com
For more info on I.N.C. visit http://squelchers.net/inc.htm
Feb.6 - 5pm - FUBAR Downtown - 658 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL - Free

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